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Anti-Aging - Moisture Recharge

The gently flowing skincare emulsion ensures smooth, even and radiantly lovely skin.

This highly effective combination of JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC technology with the turbobooster retinol and triple hyaluronic acid balances the skin tone, moisturises it and gives it a plump, taut and firmed appearance. Fine crepiness is evened out and deeper lines.

Retinol is an absolute classic when it comes to combating skin ageing, and is still as popular as ever. Embedded in gently flowing oils, the vitamin A unfurls its full effect to protect the skin against oxidative processes, boost its own protective function and at the same time balance out roughness, visible elasticity losses and fines wrinkles. We have combined this traditional active ingredient with the innovative SkinNova SC technology and triple hyaluronic acid to strengthen its effective results and make them instantly visible.

The result: all-round balanced and supple skin, which radiates youthful freshness. A completely balanced and supple skin that shines youthfully fresh.

Who is it for?

Any woman who wishes to have soft, supple and even skin, wants to counteract the loss of tonicity and elasticity and prefers the lightness of a gently flowing skincare emulsion for this purpose.

How do I use this?

Apply to face after cleansing.

5 Good Reasons For You To Use This Fluid?

  • THE WRINKLE-KILLER: the combination of retinol and triple hyaluronic acid smooths the skin structure, making wrinkles disappear
  • AN EVEN COMPLEXION: JUVENA Retinol & Hyaluron Cell Fluid visibly corrects the skin tone, leaving it looking refined, even and wonderfully refreshed. A plus for any woman at any age!
  • THAT SPECIAL GLOW: the texture provides an ideal foundation base, the skin tone is even and plumping moisture creates ideal conditions for a natural glow!
  • NO MORE WRINKLES CAUSED BY DRYNESS: rough areas and flakes of dry skin are gently smoothed away for a new, silky soft skin feeling.
  • THE TURBOBOOSTER IN A TWIN PACK: two powerful active ingredients, combined with Juvena’s exclusive anti-ageing technology – that’s the formula

for taut, firmed and timelessly beautiful skin.

Juvena Skincare Retinol & Hyaluron Cell Fluid

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